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Industrial Automation Solutions

About Us


Jayoung Automation Technology Co., LTD,  a company of Jacarlos Group, which specialized in designing and manufacturing automated machines since 2006. Now our business and service include

Production and process automation: robotics and automation solutions, signaling devices, drive technology, mobile robots and autonomous systems, wireless automation, sensor technology, safety technology, industrial software, etc.

Process and energy automation: process control systems, process automation solutions, instrumentation, engineering and maintenance services, industrial communication, fieldbus, interprocess communication, connection/interface technology, programmable logic controllers, etc.

Pneumatic technology: air cylinders and drives, air motors, pneumatic valves, pneumatic components, pneumatic and jet control systems, pneumatic rigid, hoses and joints, pneumatic actuators, air pressure valves, air pressure adjustment devices, integral air pressure control devices, etc.

Hydraulic technology: hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic drives, hydraulic cylinders, boosters and transducers, hydraulic control valves, hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic batteries, hydraulic circulation components and hydraulic systems, pressure relays, hydraulic hardware, Hose and pipe joints, hydraulic systems and complete sets of equipment, hydraulic test benches, special hydraulic equipment, hydraulic filters and oil lubrication systems, hydraulic motors, heat exchangers, etc.

Gear transmission: automobile, motorcycle gear, construction machinery gear, agricultural machinery gear, aviation, ship, railway locomotive, metallurgical and other gears, high-speed heavy-duty gearbox, cylindrical gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, cycloidal pinwheel reducer machine, worm reducer, motor-reducer assembly, etc.

Chain drive, belt drive: special-shaped conveyor chains, timing belts, V-belts, flat belts, V-ribbed belts, variable speed belts, pulleys, belt tensioners, etc.

Transmission Couplings: Couplings (rigid, flexible, safety), universal joints, universal shafts, cam intermittent devices, fluid couplings, torque converters, clutches (electromagnetic, friction, magnetic powder), brakes and Braking system, expansion knot, adapter sleeve, tension sleeve, guide sleeve, etc.

Electric drive: general industrial motors, special industrial motors, servo motors, general small motors, specially designed small motors, frequency conversion, inverter devices and components, electric drive control systems, electric drive governors, electromagnetic equipment, magnets, electric motors components, etc.

We'd like to bring high-quality products and excellent service to our customers worldwide, help them success!