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Why Us
Design, Build, Assemble & Test

We have the square footage to fully assemble your new equipment in-house so it can all be fully tested prior to the installation. Production runs on our shop floor are a common occurrence!

Technical Expertise

We employ Professional Engineers in PLC Controls, and material handling as well as Master Electricians, each with again, many years of experience.

Innovative Solutions

We have a crack Sales & Engineering team with many years of experience in every field from system concept, to PLC controls, material handling and robotics.

Quick Lead Times

We always stock in-house the most common PLC controls, HMIs and additional components to help us get your line built, installed and operational.

Onsite Training

For every system we provide onsite training for your maintenance and system opertor’s. This will help you and us to ensure the systems are operating in the way they were intended to be used.

Quality & Reliability

We’ve researched the most reliable material handling equipment and controls for application on your line or system.